Upland Sports Arena Will Be Closed Until May 1st, 2020.

Upland Sports Arena Will Be Closed Until May 1st, 2020.

Take it to the Next Level! 

Getting the most out of your training is what Upland Sports Arena is all about 

The Journey

We recognize that your child’s development is a life long process and that sports have an important role to play.
Our goal is not just to develop the player but the entire individual; it’s a journey and we’re your partners.

Early Years

18 months to 7 years

  • “Our family absolutely loves the Lil’ Kickers program at the Upland Sports Arena! It really taught our kids how to listen and play with others. The instructors are well trained and make the class so much fun for the kids. All while teaching them the fundamentals of soccer! I think Lil’ Kickers helped our son fall in love with the game of soccer! And the staff members have made our kids feel like family whenever we are there!”

    Laura S.
  • “Lil’ Kickers is the creatively engaging, learn-through-play soccer foundation that helped shape our child’s love of the game. Friendly, professional coaches quickly become your child’s new best friend that they can’t wait to see! Imaginative games encourage children to move and have fun – yet they are practicing essential soccer skills to boost their confidence and begin a lifelong love of soccer.”

    Shehla S.
  • “The Upland Arena is an awesome place for kids of all ages to enjoy the sport of soccer! Initially, we enrolled our son when he was four years old, as chasing a soccer ball is an excellent way to run-off the high energy of a preschooler!!  Our son is now nine years old, he LOVES playing soccer!! Since I first signed up, we have not stopped coming. After playing youth soccer elsewhere, I am really glad we found the Upland Arena!!!”

    Pam L.
  • Our family absolutely loves the Lil Kickers program at the Upland Sports Arena! We started with the mommy and me class with our older daughter and then signed our son up as soon as he was of age. It really taught them how to listen and play with others. The instructors are well trained and make the class so much fun for the kids. All while teaching them the fundamentals of soccer! I think Lil Kickers helped our son fall in love with the game of soccer! And the staff members have made our kids feel like family whenever we are there!

    Laura Sunseri

Learn The Technique

6 to 15 Years Old

Arena Soccer League

  • “We have been attending Upland Sports Arena for over 5 years and continue to be impressed by the amount of programs available for all ages. Our boys started in the little kickers program and are now involved in the u8 and u11 leagues. The facilities are very comfortable for parents during practices and games, not to mention the food and beer selection. We have also hosted birthday parties and I’ve personally enjoyed the evening adult soccer leagues. As soccer lovers it allows my boys to play year-round as a compliment to the school soccer league. We love it!”

    Andres I.
  • “The Upland Arena Soccer experience has been great for our kids!  The pace of the game is great; so little downtime for out of bounds and so much ball contact for every player.  The coaches we have encountered have all been encouraging and great with our boys. Bonus for parents the Arena staff really tries to help you fit practice times and days into your busy schedule. They also have free wifi, pizza, and a roof. Indoor definitely beats twisting an umbrella into the grass a few times a week!”
    Shannon V.
  • “Arena Soccer League has been amazing for my two girls! All of the coaches have been patient, motivating and age-appropriate at each level. I especially love the emphasis on fun over competition. Each season has been low-pressure and fun for my kids, and at the same time, the coaches have also done a great job at gently pushing and motivating each child to improve their skills. We joined the Arena six years ago and will definitely continue!”
    Shenan F.

Perfecting The Craft

6 to 16 Years Old

Arena Skills Academy

  • “My daughter has been loving her private soccer training with Issac at The Arena since the summer. First, she started attending the skills clinic and tried different days so she could see the styles and personalities of the different coaches. After training with Issac she knew he was the one that would challenge her in a fun, exciting way that kept her passion and love of the game going. We have seen her skills and confidence grow and are excited for her future in training here at The Arena.”
    Sarah S.
  • “We’ve had our children doing one one one training at the Arena in Upland for several years and we could not be happier with the results. Our childrens’ skill level is not all the same but they’ve tailored training for each of them and we’ve seen great improvement. The trainers are highly skilled and just great people to have around your kids. do yourself and your kids a favor and try the private training. you won’t regret it.”

    Jason G.

Maximize Your Potential

6 to 16 Years Old

  • “My children have been training with Rharebreed for about 4 years I’ve seen a tremendous change in how they perform on the field and on the track. I’ve noticed a strengthening, and a power is developed in my children— especially in the off-season they get a good workout in, and they are here consistently. I notice a big difference!”

  • “My son has been coming to Rharebreed now for 3 years, I’ve seen an amazing growth in both his physical game and his mental game, Rob and his coaching staff here do wonders for thses kids, it’s amazing the changes that we’ve seen from day one to now. He’s faster, his agility is off the charts, he’s just a diifferent player and its all thanks to Rharebreed.”

    Ben D.
  • “My son has been with Rharebreed for about 1.5 years now he took my son from being average to being the fastest man on the field or track. Rob cares about the kids, all his coaches care about him, it’s not about money it’s about him getting better, I would suggest Rharebreed to anyone that asks.”

Friends For Life 

16 to 100 Years Old

Adult Leagues

  • “As an older player (42) in the adult soccer league who still likes to play with the best players, i can’t remember a league better than the adult leagues at the indoor Arena in Upland. The level of play is excellent, the refereeing is very consistent and there is a no tolerance policy for dirty play. Its just a great community of teams and players we play with and against year after year”.

    Jason G.

We Offer A Wide Variety of Programs to Meet Your Needs

After all, we are the Heart of Soccer, Fitness, and Fun!

High Fives Given

Lil’ Kickers Inspired

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Clients Turned Pro

High Fives Given

Lil Kickers Inspired

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Clients Turned Pro

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10% OFF all food and soft drinks in the Champions Pub and Restaurant

$40 OFF all Birthday and Team Parties (with Annual Membership Only)

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