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The best value for eyeballs in the Inland Empire.

Upland Arena Traffic

♦   We have 130 teams in our adult leagues with 20-25 ppl per team that come 6 days per week. (169,000 people max per year)
♦   Our Lil’ Kickers program has 500-650 kids plus their families coming 4 days per week. (33,800 max/year)
♦   Our recreational leagues and skills academy see another 300-400 kids that come 5 days per week. (20,800 max/year)
♦   We have a club soccer league that has 120 teams every winter with at least 12-15 players per team. (1800 per year)
♦   We also house a strength and conditioning facility, sports recovery center, and hot yoga and pilates business that sees average traffic of 500 people per week. (26,000 mpy)
♦   We have pickleball leagues with 150 people playing 6 days per week, cornhole that brings 40 people per week, and special events that bring an extra 3000-10,000 people per year. (19,880 mpy)
♦   We also host youth flag football leagues every Saturday 4x per year with anywhere from 6 to 45 teams with 8 players per team.(6000 plus families mpy)
♦   Max projection per year: 277,280 people

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2022 Sponsorship Packages

Marketing Table


Generate face-to-face leads by setting up a table in our facility on the day and
time of your choice for up to 8 hours.

Field Board Ad

($600/ year)

A ~4’x2’ decal logo will be placed at the base of one of the plexiglass frames on a large playing field. Installation and print are not included.

Digital Marketing Subscription


Add your business card or promotional video to our 55” flat screen, HD digital marketing display located at our front desk.


Field Board/Website Advertising

($2000. 2 installments of $1000. Contracted 1-year minimum)

A field board ad will be placed in our facility and maintained for the duration of the contract. The company logo and link will be placed on our website.


T-shirt marketing/ Field Board/ Quarterly Email and Social Media Blast

($4500. 4 installments of $1125. Contracted 1-year minimum)

Annually, the Arena welcomes over 250,000 people.


Pickleball Court Sponsor

($5000. 4 installments of $1250. Contracted 1-year minimum)

Take part in becoming a prime sponsor for the fastest-growing sport in America. A 5’ T x 14’ W banner with your company information will be placed over a pickleball court.



Field Naming Advertising (4V4 Field- 82ft x 50 ft)

white down arrow

($15,000 4v4 Field.

4 installments of $3,750.

Does not include printing
or installation fees.

Contracted 1-year minimum)

♦   Company artwork is displayed on dasher boards inside of the field
♦   Your logo will be placed on 3,500 adult championship t-shirts
♦   Your logo will also be featured on our email template that gets sent to over 25,000 people/ month
♦   The company logo and link will be placed on our website where visitors will be sent to your homepage in just one click; we can provide you with traffic analytics to help you understand your ROI
♦   Your business will also be mentioned on our Social Media Sites (Facebook and Instagram) a minimum of 4 times/year and can include any company promotions you would like The Arena to broadcast for you.
♦   Promotional materials will be placed on the front desk
♦   Logo on Press Releases
♦   Company name/logo included in all television, print, and radio advertising
♦   Opportunity to set up an on-site promotional table during any events or leagues, including off-site soccer tournaments, for maximum face to face lead generation.
♦   Digital marketing subscription that involves displaying your promotional materials or videos on the 55” flat screens at our front desk that generates 200-500 impressions per day.

Custom Wall Mount

  • Choose a select area on a flat section of wall space in the Arena
  • Cost dependent on size
  • Does not include printing or installation fees

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