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Rharebreed is built on principles of being of one accord mentally, physically, and spiritually thus allowing one to maximize their potential. The leaders of Rharebreed collectively bring 30 years of experience and insight as collegiate and professional athletes. They realize that it is imperative that the knowledge and wisdom be imparted to the youth with dreams of achieving the same. We share all of our stories from our journeys: the pitfalls, positives, adverse circumstances and lessons learned to help your child achieve their best.


We specialize in getting your young athlete faster, stronger, more agile and explosive! These classes are for Ages 6 and up to help them learn the foundational techniques needed to run fast, change direction and create burst and go speed. We modify exercises for sport specific training as well! Come and try your first class on us and let us know how you liked it.


Sign up your whole team for sport specific training that will set you apart from your competition! We offer 30 and 60 minute Team Training sessions that can include player evaluations, athletic nutrition and mindset education and re-evaluation after 6 weeks to prove results. You can also come in for a Sports Performance session that includes renting one of our indoor fields at a discount and a 30 minute workout to help create peak performance.


Need more individualized attention to get the most out of your workouts? Training individually or with a friend allows us to customize the exercises and environment to your needs and abilities. Also, you have greater flexibility to set a schedule that’s convenient for you. We also will give you lifestyle strategies on how to create new habits in your mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery—a complete approach to help you restore and create the best version of you!

Rharebreed Adult


Rharebreed’s Youth Strength, Speed, Agility and Explosiveness Classes are for ALL athletes ages 6 and up to take their physical and mental game to the next level. Working out is not just for your body anymore. A high-level athlete needs to develop discipline and mental determination to overcome the challenges that come with sports and striving to win. It’s common knowledge that when you improve an athlete’s strength and conditioning levels you increase their ability to compete.

Whether you’re trying to make your local rec, club, academy or high school team our programs help you get physically and mentally stronger, mobile and faster.

ALL first-time customers receive ONE CLASS FREE!

Contact Coach Rob at 909-653-7508 or [email protected]

or Call 909-985-7903 or [email protected] for more info!


Rharebreed Youth

Sports Performance


These days, one does not have to look very hard to notice that competition is on the rise. Without a doubt, a major reason for this increase is that athletes are getting involved with performance development at an earlier age. Do you believe that if your team was involved in a consistent training program for skills development, speed and strength and conditioning that you would be more competitive and win more games?

If you believe so then get your team involved with Rharebreed Athletic Academy training at the Upland Arena. Our head coaches have over 10 years of experience and can design a customized short or long term program to help you peak for any tournament while gaining the competitive edge you are looking for.

Team Training

10-14 players           $15 per player

15+ players              $10 per player

Wednesday Night Sports

Performance Training Sessions

6-8 pm

45 minutes of Individual Skills Development

45 minutes of Rharebreed Speed, Strength & Conditioning

All levels and players welcome ages 6 & up

Drop In Day of Training= $25

4 sessions for $75

Adult HiiT FiT Bootcamp Classes

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Our 30 minute, circuit-style boot camp is open to all adults of any fitness level to get moving and work your total body to build muscle and burn fat in the shortest time possible. If you’re looking to gain more energy, to look good or to just plain feel better you’ve come to the right place!

*First class is FREE!

Our monthly pricing includes lifestyle tips and meal planning to help you get the support you need to get real results!


Monday Through Thursday


8:00 PM