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Soccer Skills Training Program

More Than Just A Soccer Skills Training Program

The landscape of sports has changed dramatically in the last 30 years! Whether it’s for the high cost of paid scholarships at Division I colleges or for enormous contracts in professional sports, the end game for athletes is worth more money than ever before. The reality is that less than 2% of high school athletes will go play for a Division I college and only 1% of those will become a professional! So then why have your child invest and commit to training in their sport? We believe that committing to a higher level of training gives young people a foundation on and off the field for generating discipline, learning how to persevere and establish a “no excuses” work ethic. On the field, developing a player’s technical skills can mean realizing success in their game that can help them secure a roster spot on a more competitive team, get more playing time, win more battles and even score more goals. We don’t just offer soccer skills training, we empower our students as both people and players.

Our Story

The Arena Soccer Skills Training Program was created to help the individual player establish a foundation of soccer technique to improve their game. One of the reasons we all admire the greatest players in the world in any sport is not their natural talent but it’s their relentless work ethic to drill and reinforce fundamentals. In your journey to have your child build confidence and deepen their commitment to a sport, Arena Skills training is that next step on your child’s journey to creating more opportunities.

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Skills Clinics

Skills Clinics

Skills Clinics are offered to youth ages 6 and up looking to get supplemental work to improve foundational techniques for the first touch, dribbling, 1v1 attacking, ball striking, passing, receiving and shooting with both feet. This program is designed for any player looking to hone their current skills, make a soccer team, advance to another level or just get extra touches.

  • Clinics will be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting Monday October 12th; Ages 6-10 (U11) at 5 pm and ages 11-14 (U15) at 6 pm
  • There will be 10 slots per session and registration will only be via email to [email protected] the day before to ensure that it’s first come first served and for all slots to be filled
  • No-shows will be charged a session and new customers will need to purchase a session or package in advance to reserve their slot


  • 5 Pack Clinic Passes for $125
  • Monthly Unlimited Sessions for $150
  • Drop in for $35

Shooting Clinics will be back Sunday Nov 1st

Shooting Clinics

Ages Sundays
Ages 6 -10 Years Old 1PM
Ages 11-14 Years Old 2PM

Shooting Clinics

Ages Sundays
Ages 6 -11 Years Old 3-4PM
Ages 12-14 Years Old 4-5PM

Goalkeeper Clinics

Ages Sundays
Ages 6 -11 Years Old 3-4PM
Ages 12-14 Years Old 4-5PM
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Private Small Group Sessions

Private Training 1 on 1

  • Customized to the needs of the individual player
  • Maximized touches and repetition designed around what your player needs to work on or to prepare for
  • 1 Session for $75

Private Small Group Training

Private Small Group Training is for the player that seeks more individualized attention in an energized setting with up to 5 players of compatible skill level. Every player will be evaluated to address strengths and weaknesses and exercises will be prescribed to establish a foundation of technique while tailoring the surest way to grow as a player.

  • Sessions offered every day of the week
  • Grouping based on age and skill level
  • 2-5 players per 60-minute session
  • Call ahead to reserve your spot!
  • 5 Pack of Passes for $200
  • Drop-In for $50
Email [email protected] or call the Arena to schedule.

Sports Performance

RHAREBREED Athletic Academy

Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Explosiveness Classes

Monday through Friday @ 6PM

Ages 6 & Up

  • Speed, Strength, Agility and Explosiveness Classes
  • All players must sign new waiver
  • Masks not required during training
  • Team Training available at $15 per athlete 
  • Contact Coach Rob directly by calling (909) 653-7508
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