PSO ARENA SOCCER LEAGUE A Recreational League Welcoming All Levels of Play

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PSO ARENA SOCCER LEAGUE A Recreational League Welcoming All Levels of Play

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PSO Arena Skills Academy and Soccer League

Growing Skills, Gaining Friends, and More

The focus of ASL practices will now be to teach players the game and game tactics.
The focus of PSO Arena Skills Academy Skills Clinics is to teach and develop individual player skills and technique.
The FIRST TWO WEEKS of ASL there will be two practices per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays–which means NO games on Saturdays. We will work to evaluate each player by skill and age in order to help form balanced teams. Coach Ozzy will create game scenarios at the end of these practices to help teach game tactics.  

The NEXT SIX WEEKS of ASL there will be one practice on Tuesday OR Thursday (we will assign to you) and a game on Saturday. 

Ultimately, the cost is the same for 2 sessions per week, but depending on your desire to accelerate your child’s skill and ability we do recommend adding Skills Clinic sessions (Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday Shooting Clinic) to your training as many or as little as you’d like! 
5 sessions for $125
Monthly Unlimited for $150

Our Arena Soccer League is a co-ed, recreational, indoor soccer program for youth ages 6 to 15 years old and all skill levels. Whether your child has never played before or is looking for a fun and fast-paced soccer program you can be assured that they will grow in both in their youth soccer skills and newly found friendships. We require an evaluation for new players so we can attempt to make the teams balanced and fair!

Indoor Soccer
6 – 15 Year Olds
Experienced Coaches
8 Games & 8 Practices
4v4 Fields
Practice One Day a Week
Games played on Saturdays
40 Minute Games
Jersey Included
Medals for 1st & 2nd Place
Team Party (optional, not included in price)
  • A membership to the Arena is required and includes a game jersey and numerous benefits and discounts; Three options: Annual membership @ $55, Seasonal membership (10 weeks) @ $25 or receive an Annual Family Membership for $0 (must have two Annual memberships in an immediate family to qualify)
  • If you need to be assigned to a different team for any reason there will be a $15 reassignment fee
  • Each player needs a signed waiver before participating in any match, which is available here
  • You must renew your membership if it expires during the timeframe of the season

Winter Registration Opens Jan 10

Dates: Feb 8 – April 2

Cost: $175 + Membership

$55 Annual or $25 Seasonal

two girls using while playing indoor soccer and youth soccer

Next Season:

April 12 – June 4

Practice Schedule

Fall Season

September 14 – October 6th

For game schedules, click here.

ASL Form


The purpose of this agreement is to create a partnership between players, parents and coaching staff
to better support the development of our players so they can be successful on and off the field.
● Players are required to make their best effort to attend all training sessions. Attendance lapses will be
addressed on a case-by-case basis and we ask that you communicate your absences to your coach
especially for PSO ASL.
● Players are required to be available for all games. Unusual circumstances will be considered on an
individual basis.
● Timely arrival for training and games is a vital part of player and parent responsibilities.
● Prompt payment of ASL dues and fees is expected.
● Participation in all ASL events is expected.
● Behavior at games, training and at any ASL function must be respectful at all times. All concerns should
be brought to the front desk for management.
● Positive support for players in the form of “Well done”, “Good try”, etc. is encouraged. Negative
comments by parents and/or players to or about our players, coaches or the opposition will not be
tolerated and may be cause for removal from the program and our premises.
● Verbal or other abuse of match officials is considered a serious breach of ASL policy and may also be
cause for removal from the program and our premises.
● Only coaches may instruct players in the course of training and games. Instruction from the sidelines or
attempts to become involved other than in positive support goes against the design of the program and
is considered a serious breach of PSO ASL policy.
We are committed to developing your athlete as a soccer player as well as an individual with good values.
Let’s make a team and work together!